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Chaosquake version 7

It was about time. The previous design lasted for more than two and a half years. So here is the seventh version fresh out of wings3d, which is a great modeling tool, by the way.

In times of minimal CSS only websites, of which some consider images to be evil, I figured I'd do an oldschool design with lots of unnecessary graphics. I spent some tedious hours to try and fit everything in some boxes, but ended with a few tables I threw together in like 10minutes. I like CSS, but the box-model seems to be a bit too far from reality to be usable and productive (at least for this kind of websites). Anyway, it works now and the markup doesn't look too bad either.

However, not only the design has changed. This site now uses a small and simple WebCMS, which I started to develop more than a year ago (and re-coded more than once... ). It's still in beta, but you can already test it for yourself if you like. Stop by at for some more info.

I'm working on some stuff for Doom3 at the moment, and still have a bunch of unfinished maps lying around on my HDD. So I hope this page sees some more updates in future, than it saw in the past few month...

August 13, 2005 01:08
Tags: Chaosquake

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